Course contents incorporate crime and law


The BKA coordinates the cooperation between federal and provincial Landeskriminalamtern and determined, inter alia, in the places Cyberkriminalitat, counter-terrorism and Serious and Organized criminality. Also runs the complete service traffic in the German police with other nations concerning the BKA.

As a central office for police data and communications in Germany, the BKA collects various essential data about actions and Tater / -Innen, evaluates them and offers the nearby offices with the Federal Lander evidence for the Verbrechensbekampfung.


the dreijahrige dual bachelor to / -r Detective / -in place in the University on the Federal fur PUBLIC management in Bruhl and at the 3 web sites of the BKA in Wiesbaden, Meckenheim and Berlin. The practical education requires location at the criminal investigation departments from the Lander and within the departments from the BKA.

Course contents contain criminal and law. The curriculum incorporates modules which include politically motivated criminality or even fundamentals tasks, organization and action with the police, Ma? Took law enforcement and safety. Furthermore gives the BKA on police-specific coaching for example language coaching, field training and service client.

Along with the general college or the unqualified technical college with a GPA of at the least 3.5 and English expertise in the minimum level B1 have to applicants / -Innen the German nationality have (exceptions are doable). Additionally should / -Innen candidates i.d.R. have to be a maximum of 33 years old and above setting driver’s license class B. The medical fitness is determined within the course of an investigation in police capability. Ideally, prospective federal detective / -beamtinnen not much less than 162 cm.

Application at the Federal

The criminal civil officials for the sophisticated detective service are trained by the BKA itself. The coaching is divided into various portions, the theoretical and sensible instruction takes spot within the exchange. The training period amounts to 3 years. The upm thesis online Federal delivers study places for 01.04. and ten.01 of each year. The application ought to attain one year ahead of the desired beginning date at the most up-to-date in the Bundeskriminalamt.

roles at the BKA

The BKA requires in certain places of international and severe criminality itself prosecutions true. It coordinates the central criminal police in Germany Kriminalitatsbekampfung at national and international level. It really is responsible for generally the police service visitors with all the public authorities of other countries. The individual protection in the members of the constitutional bodies, the federal government and in specific situations also their foreign guests are also an object of BKA.Inside the level career provided the Beforderungsmoglichkeit until the very first Kriminalhauptkommissar. werden.In Befahigte however potent civil servants can right after a certain education period in principle till the end with the 45th year of life to rise coaching for the larger detective service authorized the level career the Beforderungsmoglichkeit is supplied towards the First Kriminalhauptkommissar. Befahigte yet highly effective civil servants can in principle right after a certain instruction period until the end in the 45th year of life for the advancement coaching for the greater detective service be allowed.

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