How to Approach a College Capstone Project

What is a College Capstone Project?

The term ‚capstone project,‘ refers to a final paper that students write as they are finishing school. The aim of the paper is to show that as well as knowing all the main subjects, you can also apply your skills in a real-life scenario. Therefore, writing a capstone project entails carrying out in-depth research on a given topic.

In some cases, the supervisor might involve you in the writing process of the capstone project. In which case, you will not only get to pick your preferred topic, but you will also get to participate in the actual research. In other cases, however, the supervisor will provide the topic for you. You are then expected to select a topic that you are confident you can develop in-depth and develop a strong argument on.

A capstone project is designed to test various aspects of students‘ understanding of their course. It can, therefore, be said to test how well a learner can apply writing outline their knowledge in a practical situation. Consequently, the paper is usually designed to look at an issue from a multiple perspective. This means that it examines not only the practicality of the issue in question, but it also examines the ethicality of the situation as well.

In some cases, the researcher might have to rely on data collected from an experiment. In other cases, they might have to develop a hypothesis and then carry out research to see if it holds water. In both cases, a student is expected to do their research thoroughly to develop solid evidence for their claims.

Things to Keep in Mind

As you work on your capstone project, there are a few things you must ensure you consider. Your capstone project should, first and foremost, follow the structure and format of a regular college paper. Hence, the structure will include the following sections.

  • An abstract that should be roughly 200 words in length.
  • A cover page that should include your name as well as that of the supervisor.
  • An introduction that should also include a summary of the claims you will be making.
  • The literature review that provides a background on the topic.
  • The methodology that outlines the tools and techniques that will be employed in the research.
  • The results that show whether or not the research was successful.

Most supervisors will expect you to submit a fully-proofread paper. Therefore, it is essential to go through your paper once you are done with writing. The readability of your paper is contingent upon how clearly you can express your points.

Proofreading ensures that you do not submit an excellent paper but a dull one. It also allows you to ensure that your ideas are well-organized in a logical flow. More so, it allows you to ensure that your paper has no grammatical errors.

It would be best if you worked with a competent instructor who is also a subject expert. Together, you can work on a capstone project and develop a killer paper.

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